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Our Philosophy

Jillian Baillie Aesthetics is about delivering a balanced, natural result. We believe in spending time with clients, listening to their needs, in order to understand their goals and educating them on the ageing process so that a personalised plan can be developed. No matter the budget, all goals can be achieved with the appropriate personalised treatment plan, over time.

Jillian Baillie Aesthetics' commitment to you

  • We are passionate about helping you achieve your cosmetic goals safely, with proven treatments, and with little inconvenience to normal daily activities.
  • Our treatments are medically supervised.
  • We only ever use quality, approved products for best results.
  • We stand by our professionalism and quality service.
  • We can provide combination treatments that offer you a more significant result than previously achieved in cosmetic medicine.

Jillian Baillie

Jillian Baillie

Jill has over 30 years of experience in Nursing and health-related roles and holds training certificates in cosmetic injecting procedures. Her skills go beyond the technical delivery of an injection. She has an eye for detail and understanding of beauty, believing that improving one’s appearance does not equal eradicating all wrinkles.

Jill's vision is for a fresh, rejuvenated look whilst maintaining a natural-looking appearance, and her philosophy is that anti-ageing is the fine art of subtle and refined changes to give a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. Her aim is to help people look less sad, less tired and minimise the effects of ageing whilst maintaining a natural look.

Jill only uses the highest quality products available, which are all TGA approved and the clinic is medically supervised.

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