Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are always on show and exposure to the sun makes them age more quickly.

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Dermal filler injections rejuvenate hands by replenishing volume whilst Laser pigmentation treatments removes sun damage.

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the face however one of the most age-telling body features is our hands. Most of the damage to our hands is caused by sun damage.

As we age, our hands lose firmness and plumpness and begin to look thinner and more fragile. Veins and joints become more noticeable and the skin tends to look more weathered and dehydrated in texture.

Luckily, some of the same rejuvenation techniques that we utilise on the face can be applied to the hands to restore a healthier, more youthful look.

Hand rejuvenation is a combination of laser pigmentation removal treatments and the administration of dermal filler injections, to make an ageing hand more youthful.

Pricing Guide

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Hands Rejuvenation (2ml dermal filler) $550
Hands Rejuvenation Including (2ml) + 2x treatments of Laser Pigmentation removal $699

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