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You can experience smoother skin, as well as freedom from sun-damaged skin, age spots and freckles and a reduction in wrinkles.

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Pigmentation characterised by discolouration in the skin. It can appear in the form of freckles, beauty marks, hyper pigmentation. Pigmentation removal can be quite a difficult process and each pigmentation removal treatment will vary according to skin type and skin colour.

Jillian Baillie Aesthetics is able to treat and improve pigmentation using the latest pigmentation laser technology safely and efficiently after approximately 2-4 laser treatments 1 month apart.

It is important to know after your treatment pigmentation will darken before flaking off over the next 7 days.

  • There is minimal discomfort experienced and clients should avoid any direct sun following the treatment and ensure appropriate sunscreen is applied when outdoors.
  • It is also important to remember that results differ amongst each client.

Pricing Guide

We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of cosmetic enhancement so let’s discuss how we can help you meet your cosmetic goals.

Full Face $139
Mid Face $109
Décolletage $139
Neck $109
Face & Décolletage $220
Hands $109
Half Leg $299
Full Arm $239
Half Arm $159
Single Spot Treatment $80

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