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Express Enzyme Facial

  • 30 Mins – $80.00

For dry, sun damaged skin, weekly treatments are again recommended to soften the skin and to allow easier penetration of the products. A specialised peeling treatment, organic and all natural enzymes from an ancient type of grain (spelt) gently removes any dead skin cells.

This deep exfoliation is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Ideal for the treatment of blackheads.

Collagen Boost Facial

  • 60 Mins – $150.00

The supreme performance of the Collagen Fleece Mask will improve the elasticity, restructure damaged skins, smooth lines and wrinkles, soothe and hydrate.

For incredible and immediate “WOW” result! An absolute must for aging, drying and sun damaged skin.

LED Light Therapy Treatment

  • 30 Mins – $59.00

This Facial is pain free and non invasive while soothing and rejuvenating your skin. Ideal for acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring and rosacea.

Will help to minimize and reduce redness and inflammation whilst stimulating a natural increase in collagen production. It also has an anti bacterial effect on acne prone skin.

B Peel

  • 60 Mins – $215.00

Herbal Aktiv Beauty Peel (BPeel™) is a gentle yet highly effective peeling facial for skin regeneration based on a mixture of natural herbs. This one-day procedure is a natural kick-starter to great looking skin and provides immediate glow and plump with no down time or visible peeling.

Its unique composition is completely free from chemicals, synthetic binders and abrasives, meaning that there are no toxic side effects. The special blend contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins and trace elements.

P Peel

  • 60 Mins – $240.00

Whether it’s the early onset of wrinkles and/or pigmentation, or the pesky problem of breakouts and skin sensitivity – Phyto Treatment Mini Peel (PPeel™) is your saviour. The PPeel™ is a gentle treatment with natural herbs and enzymes, similar to a strong micro-dermabrasion procedure. However, there is one key difference: no harmful micro-injuries are inflicted on the skin’s delicate acid mantle which means no redness, irritation or sensitivity. In fact, the PPeel™ is so gentle that it’s safe for pregnant women or those prone to sensitive skin and can easily be repeated every fortnight. It’s the ultimate quick fix skin treatment to achieve a smoother, plumper complexion.

Power Lift Facial

  • 60 Mins – $220.00

This highly innovative treatment combines the firming effect of Dr Spiller’s Aloe Vera Skin Lift peel with micro-current and radio frequency stimulation. This super toning treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage and drenches your skin in powerful antioxidants and minerals. Ideal for tired, dull and sagging skin. This treatment includes the Aloe Vera Skin Lift ampoule.

Flawless Finish Facial

  • 60 Mins – $180.00

This treatment includes a ‘peel off’ mask which deeply infuses active ingredients into the skin. We carefully select the appropriate mask to suit individual needs. This treatment also includes enzyme exfoliation.

Dermaplane Facial

  • 45 Mins – $89.00

A dermaplaning facial is a non-invasive advanced skin treatment that uses a sterile surgical scalpel stroked against your skin to gently skim off dead skin and temporarily remove the soft vellus hair from your face to reveal smooth radiant skin.

Skin Needling

  • 45 Mins – from $299

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that helps to rejuvenate the skin. It is typically used to treat ageing, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, and can remove pigmentation as well as improve the appearance of enlarged pores and stretch marks.

It comprises of a series of microscopic needles that penetrate the dermal layers of the skin to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production. This service has minimal downtime and there is no pain block required.

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