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Frequent Questions

We understand you may have questions about Laser Hair Removal. If our Frequent Questions don't answer your query please contact us and we will aim to provide you with any further information you may need.

Laser Therapy includes a variety of treatments including gentle hair removal. Our experienced therapist offers a safe, reliable and permanent solution for our clients using the highest quality Candela GentleMaxPro® lasers.

Our treatments have been extensively researched to ensure complete safety for our clients. Although laser treatment has been used for many years, it should not be used in pregnancy, lactating mothers and other medical conditions. It is very important to tell your cosmetic practitioner if you have health problems or on any medication prior to treatment.

Once the full cycle of treatments has been completed, results are permanent.

Laser energy is delivered through a small hand piece operated by your practitioner. The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. The heat damages the hair follicle while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. Your skin may be red immediately following the procedure. This typically lasts from a few minutes to several hours after the procedure.

Gentle Hair Removal treatments use a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™), which prepares the skin for treatment by spraying the upper layer with a cooling burst of cryogen just milliseconds before the laser pulse. DCD helps ensure that Gentle Hair Removal treatments are as comfortable as they are effective.

Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks before treatment. Do not bleach, pluck or wax 4 to 6 weeks before and after treatment. Wait for tanned skin to fade before beginning treatment.

Treatment times may vary depending on your specific needs. Hair growth is reduced after each treatment and the number of treatments required will be based on your hair color and type, body area and skin tone.

Price Guide

We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of cosmetic enhancement so talk to us here at Jillian Baillie Aesthetics​ and we will discuss how we can help you meet your cosmetic goals.

Chin $15
Lip $15
Lip & Chin $29
Face - Sides $45
Full Face $50
Half Leg $129
Full Leg $199
Feet & Toes $38
Bikini $49
Brazillian $69
Brazillian & Underarms $75
Full leg / Brazillian / Underarms $210
Half Leg / Brazillian / Underarms $150
Small area add on $10
Underarms $35
Full Legs $834
Bikini $204
Brazillian $288
Brazillian & Underarms $300
Full Legs / Brazillian / Undearms $900
Half Leg / Brazillian / Underarms $690

Make sure your laser hair removal treatments are Gentle

Jillian Baillie Aesthetics uses the Gentle Max Pro Laser System for all laser treatments as it is the leader in medical hair removal. It is Fast, Proven, Comfortable and effective. For enquiries and a free no obligation consultation please give us a call.

For All Shades

Gentle Laser can successfully treat the widest range of skin and hair colors.

  • Successfully treat the widest range of skin types and hair colors
  • Ultra-fast with excellent results
  • Safe and pain free
  • The leading medical hair removal treatment used by over 10,000 doctors around the world

Achieve Smooth, Beautiful Skin

The Gentle Laser Hair Removal systems provide a safe wavelength for protecting all skin types at the surface while effectively destroying the hair follicles for long lasting results.

Gentle Laser technology from Candela target the hair follicle with laser energy, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin:

  • Smoother skin, free of unwanted hair
  • Effective
  • Ultra-Fast

80% hair removal in only 3 treatments.

Liberate yourself from the constant need to shave unwanted hair in order to feel and look your best. Gentle Laser Hair Removal offers safe and effective laser hair removal treatments on the widest variety of skin and hair types. Just a few simple treatments are all it takes to permanently remove hair, revealing silky skin.

The secret lies in the laser technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming surrounding skin. It’s a simple approach to permanent hair reduction that’s fast, easy and comfortable.

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